How To Get Shell Access To Server

NOTE: for security the Shell is in “Jail Mode” NOT “Normal Mode”

Go to Mac Terminal and type: ssh -p 2222 [email protected]

Then enter password

To list all cPanel sizes: cd home <enter>

du -h –max-depth=1

To get to root type:  cd ..  (as many times as needed)

To get to a specific directory type: cd directoryname

To view the contents of a directory type: ls

to see backup files type this from root: [/backup/cpbackup]# ls -larth

Current Backup Files are located in: /backup/cpbackup/weekly

You can actually check if the processes are running on the server by SSHing into your server and then checking with the following command:

ps fauxx | grep wp-cron

For example, you can see the output of it here:

root@big [~]# ps faux | grep wp-cron
root 29928 0.0 0.0 103248 816 pts/0 S+ 13:19 0:00 _ grep wp-cron

As you can see, there are no current processes regarding wp-cron running on your server at the moment, only the grep command which is the one I just ran.

If you wanted to kill the specific processes that were listed. Then you would get the number from the second column in the output which is the process ID, and run a kill -9.

For example for a process ID of 12345, you would run the following:

kill -9 12345

Then you could check if the process is running by doing ps fauxx and grep for the process file that you were killing.