Ordering Content Process

Ordering Content Process for Service Pages

  1. Web Design Director submits form in Order Content project and moves to Keyword Research Needed section
  2. Web Design Director assigns to SEO department for keyword research
    1. In doing so the Web Design Director will:
      1. assign due date for keyword research
      2. add to client project (waiting for section)
      3. add themselves as collaborator
      4. provide content due date
  3. SEO department completes keyword research
  4. When keyword research is complete, the SEO department assigns task to writer.
    1. They will update due date for content completion.
    2. Also, they will move task to the Assigned to Writer section
  5. Writer completes content, notifying Web Design Director via the task comments.
  6. Web Design Director assigns task to post content to client’s website

Ordering Content Process for City Pages

Coming soon…