Monthly SEO Assessment

Each month we perform a Monthly Assessment of each client. The purpose of this assessment is to track the progress we are making with SEO month-to-month. We do an audit of their SEO campaign, and evaluate their particular situation. This helps us determine our next course of action.  

  1. Open the Tracking Sheet to refer to so no client’s are missed.
  2. For each client look at their SEO log, emails, and Salesforce for notes, concerns, and/or special situations.
  3. Open the email “Your Search Rank Tracking report is ready to view” for each client. Click on “VIEW REPORT NOW”. Once report is open, click on “Actions” and select “Download pdf”. Add pdf to client’s SEO BrightLocal folder.
  4. Evaluate report, refer to video
  5. Make sure the client’s primary keywords are starred in the BrightLocal report, do so if needed.
  6. Find client in Serpbook and use the graph and spyglass tools to verify BrightLocal report. Look into anything out of the ordinary and if there is any discrepancies check rankings manually using an incognito window. 
  7. Perform a big-picture analysis of their top 5 services/cities using the online tools we have available.
  8. Take a look at their website and make sure title tags, widgets, and schema are optimized correctly.
  9. Do a “competitor snoop” to see if there are any obvious violations to Google’s guidelines. Report any violations by suggesting an edit to verified listings or using Google’s “Business Redressal Complaint Form” for unverified listings.
  10. Record any and all changes in rankings in the client’s SEO log.
  11. Take screenshots, if necessary.
  12. Email Wendy if Backlinks are needed.
  13. Email client your Monthly Assessment, using the template and filling in all necessary information, including any next steps there may be. Always keep a positive tone, even if the news is not so good! 
  14. Copy and paste message into Salesforce. 
  15. Add completed date to the Tracking Sheet.