How to Verify Business Information on Facebook

1. If Client has their own Facebook account, go to Log into Client’s account using the log in information in their SEO log in the “Logins” tab.

2. If we own/manage their account (it will say so in their SEO log), log in under Joe’s account. Log in info is in Drive.

3. On the blue bar (across the top of page) click on the little triangle on the far right to drop down the menu.

4. From the drop-down menu select their business page.

5. On the left hand side panel click on “About”.

6. If you can see a panel that is titled “FIND US” make sure their address should be showing and is correct. If it should be hidden, select “Edit Page Info” on the right hand side. When the information box pops up, scroll down to the address section and Uncheck the box that says “Customers visit my business at my street address” and save changes.

7. Under the “GENERAL” section make sure the Category, Name, and Hours are filled in correctly. “Edit Page Info” as needed and make sure to save changes for each section.

8. Under “ADDITIONAL CONTACT INFO” make sure the correct website is listed. If they already have an email address listed, leave it. Otherwise, leave it blank. “Edit Page Info” as needed.

9. Under “MORE INFO” in the “About” section, make sure what they have is acceptable. If blank, use the about section of their website to add a short description.

10. Make sure the logo photo and cover photo are correct. Upload the correct ones if needed.
Upload FB Photos: NAS > Design > 1AA Sites > client name > company folder > Social Media Covers

11. Rename each photo before uploading to Facebook…
Logo: Business Name, City, State (ex. Big West Marketing Missoula MT)
Cover: Primary Category, City, State (ex. Marketing Service Missoula MT)

12. Log out of Facebook