How to Setup Rank Checker Report in BrightLocal

What’s the point of Brightlocal?!

Brightlocal is all about gathering data. This it. We use it to track rankings month-to-month (this is the report we previously sent to clients). It DOES NOT create directory listings. It’s all about information coming in. For information on tools that create listings, read the Yext page.

Setup the Rank Checker Report

  1. Determine Client’s top 5 Services  and top 5 cities
  2. Log in at
  3. Drop down on SEO Tools and Select “Rank Checker”
  4. Click on “Add New Report”
  5. Click on “Add Location”
  6. Click on “Manually Enter Location”
  7. Refer to Client’s SEO Log – NAP tab – and enter Clients Information, click on next…
  8. Skip “Additional Information” click on “Add This Location”
  9. Drop down “How often do you want this report run?
    1. Select “Monthly”
  10. Drop down  “Which day of the month do you want to run this report on? ”
    1. Select 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th
  11.  Enter your SEO search terms: 
    1. Enter top 5 services and cities (you can add more or fewer, but 5 is generally good)
      1.  Get this information from the website. Check out what services they offer and look in the footer to see what other cities they service.
    2. List each service followed by the city name
    3. Also, list each service for each city. For example, your 5 cities are Missoula, Lolo, Frenchtown, Florence, and Clinton; then your services are carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tile cleaning, rug cleaning and odor removal. Your list will have 25 items:
      1. carpet cleaning Missoula  MT
      2. upholstery cleaning Missoula MT
      3. tile cleaning Missoula MT
      4. rug cleaning Missoula MT
      5. odor removal Missoula MT
        1. Now repeat this list for the other locations
  12. Check all boxes here: Select the search engines you want results for
  13. Skip the Google Local Rank Tracking and Advanced Settings sections
  14. Receive Email Alerts:
  15. Click on add report