How To Setup Citation Tracker Report in BrightLocal

Wendy, how exactly do we use this tool here at Big West?

Citation Tracker – How To Summary

1. Click on menu SEO Tools > Citation Tracker > New Citations Report
2. Which Locations is this report for? > Choose client business
3. How often do you want to run this report > Ad Hoc
4. Scroll to bottom > Under Do you want to receive an email when completed > No
6. Click Run Citation Search
7. This may take a while so go do something else


The Details

1. From Menu on the left under “Location Summary”, select Citation Tracker
2. Click on “Monitor Citations”
3. Click on “Monitor Citations Only”
4. Drop down Do you want this report to be available on an external URL? , Select No
5. Drop down “How often do you want this report run?”,  select Adhoc (report runs manually)
6. Fill in Type of Business and Primary Location
7. Drop down Do you want to receive an email when this report is completed? , select NO
8. Click “Run Citation Search”