How to Do an Address Check

How to Do an Address Check for SEO

The point: We check a client’s address to ensure they are located within the city. Also, if it’s a visible address (that’s what gives you the map pin), that there’s not another business there or that it’s not a PO Box/virtual office.

If Google puts you on the map they want to know it’s a legitimate business. If people go there and it’s a scam that’s a bad user experience (Google’s primary concern) and not fair to other, legitimate businesses.

  1. Paste the address into Google maps –
  2. If the client already has a GMB profile with this address, when you search the left panel will have a link that says, “at this location”.
    1. If it’s a commercial address, click on “at this location”
      1. Check if there’s a similar business in a multi-unit building.
      2. Also make sure that there’s not another business at this address.
    2. If it’s a residential address, ensure that there’s not a different business at this address
  3. If the client’s address is hidden, there will not be a link for “at this location”.
  4. Click on the name of the city to highlight the city boundaries and zoom out to check out it the address is within the boundary lines.
    1. If it’s not within the boundaries, it’s not technically in that location according to Google.