How To Create Google My Business Report in Brightlocal

Wendy, how exactly do we use this tool here at Big West?

Google My Business Summary

1. Click on menu SEO Tools > Google My Business > Add New Report
2. Which Locations is this report for? > Choose client business
3. How often do you want to run this report > Ad Hoc
4. Scroll to bottom > Enter your search terms > Enter main Keyword + City (Example: Water Damage Boca Raton FL)
5. Under Do you want to receive an email when completed > No
6. Add Report

The Details

1. Select “Google My Business” from menu under “Location Summary”
2. Click on “Monitor Google My Business”
3. Select “Monitor Google My Business” again

4. Drop down “How often do you want this report run?”,  select Adhoc (report runs manually)

5. Scroll down to “Business Info”

6. Enter primary search term

  • ex: Plumber Montecito CA

7. Do you want to receive an email when this report is completed? No

8. Do you want to receive an email when we spot any changes on your Google listing? No

9. Click on “Monitor Google My Business”

10. When you receive the first ranking report, go back to the report in the dashboard and click the star next the primary category and city, as well as the desired keyword (if applicable) to bring them to the top of the report.

download the PDF and place in clients SEO folder under “Bright Local”


11. Evaluate Citation Tracker and Google My Business reports, make any necessary changes that can be done right away and make note in the client’s SEO log of any thing that needs to be addressed going forward.