How To Cancel Yext

Before you cancel their listing, you need to download the citations Yext created. This will be a list of the URLS, indicating what listing was created.

First Download Yext Listings

  1. Click on “Listings”
  2. Enter the company name in the search bar
  3. Check the box next to where it says “Site” and then click on “Select all # listings” (next to “select action”)
  4. Click on “Select Action” and choose “Export” to download the Excel sheet
  5. Open the Excel sheet and copy the URLS and paste in their log under the “Yext Listings” tab.
    1. These are the listings Yext created

Now Cancel Yext

  1.  Go To Locations
  2. Search for the business you want to cancel
  3. Click on the edit tab (right side of screen)
  4. Select “remove services”
  5. Check the box next to Powerlistings and select review
  6. Scroll and check, “I acknowledge that Yext is no longer responsible for my listings.”
  7. For the reason select, “I do not see my reason listed here”
    1. enter, “Client canceled with my company”
  8. Select “Remove Locations”

If you need to Enter a Client into Yext – CLICK HERE!