How To Answer Questions About Google Reviews Disappearing

First, there is nothing we can do about it. So, you will need to sympathize with them.

  1. It’s happened to Big West and happened to Joe’s carpet cleaning business.
  2. It sucks and is not fair. Google tries to delete fake reviews, but some times they get real ones.

Red Flags for fake reviews that Google looks at:

• Multiple reviews from the same device (phone, ipad, computer, etc.)

• Multiple reviews from the same IP Address

• Multiple reviews in a short period of time. Example: If they haven’t had any reviews in 6 months and then all of a sudden they get 10 reviews in one month.

• If their customer opens a Gmail account leaves a review and then doesn’t leave reviews with any other businesses.

The BEST reviews that matter the most are from Google Local Guides:

Joe Burnich is a Level 4 Guide with 391 points. That means his reviews stick, display at the top, never disappear and help with SEO. Just sayin.