Check / Update Existing Google My Business

The Google My Business (GMB) profile not only allows customers to find out information about a business, it’s one of the main ways for a business to tell Google who they are, what they do and where they are located. The GMB profile is what all other directory listings are based off of, so it’s vital this information is correct. The main information we match is the business Name, Address and Phone number (NAP).  These consistent listings help people find the business and all send signals to Google that the business is legit and do what they say they do.

  1. Login to client’s GMB –
    1. If the client does not have an existing GMB profile, go here:
  2. Click on Info on the left sidebar.
  3. Verify Business Name is Correct
  4. Add / Edit Categories -(list of categories here:
    1. the Primary Category is the main service the client wants to rank for (ex: carpet cleaning service)
    2. Additional categories are other services they offer, and we can focus on ranking after the primary service achieves the desired ranking (ex: upholstery cleaning service)
  5. Business location
    1. Unless the client has a commercial location, leave this blank.  The information will say, “No business location customers can visit”
  6. Complete the Service Areas section to create the service area map on the GMB profile.
    1. add their location (where their address is) and then other cities/areas they service. You can get this from the client or from the website footer.
  7. Fill-in their hours as stated on the website (the client provides this information in the design process)
  8. Description – get this from the website About Us page or from the client
  9. Photos
    1. The photos we’re concerned about are in the Identity Tab (logo and cover photo).
    2. Get these photos in the main client folder (1AAA Sites > Client Name > media > social media photos)
    3. Re-name the photos with the Business Name Primary Category (ex: Absolute Procare Carpet Cleaning Service); however, if the category is in the name of the business, don’t add the category (ex: Bill’s Carpet Cleaning Carpet Cleaning Service). This sound weird and like you’re just repeating keywords.