What to do when a New Lead calls in

What to do when a New Lead calls in

New leads will often call in to learn more about Big West Marketing and how we can help their business.  It is crucial that we collect some basic information from them initially.  The Sales Cycle varies from just a few days up to several months down the line.  This information that we collect will ensure that we can maintain an open line of communication.

If a New Lead calls in:

    • Remain calm, friendly and professional.
      • This is their first personal experience with Big West Marketing, this is their first experience with one of our Team.
    • Ask who you are speaking with and what industry they are in.
      • Record this information.
    • Then ask if this is a good number to reach them if we get disconnected.
      • Record the appropriate number.
    • If a Marketing Consultant is available, transfer the call over and update the Consultant on the New Lead’s information.
    • If a Marketing Consultant is not available, set up a time in Calendly that works best for the New Lead. Here’s how:
      1. Pull up the Calendly link of the particular Marketing Consultant. Click here to access the Team’s Calendly links
      2. In Calendly, enter any information that you already have acquired. If there are unknown fields, ask the New Lead for the correct information
      3. In the “Issues to Discuss” field, please include your name so that our Team understands that the Lead came in over the phone and not via the website form request section

*If the New Lead asks to speak with Joe, please inform them that Joe is unavailable, but our Marketing Consultant speaks with every new client to come in the door and they will be much more suited to deal with your specific situation.

  • Thank them for calling in and depending on the situation, present the New Lead with a clear and definite future.