Sales FAQs

Sales FAQs

“How long until I’m at the top of Google?”

  1. “It varies greatly. Google says 4 to 12 months, but we say 3 to 6 depending on your situation, competition…”
  2. “It depends on many factors:  how much trust and authority you have with Google at this point. Trust is based on if you are new or if you have hired someone who violated Google’s guidelines…”


“If I pay more for SEO, can you do more?”

  1. “Once we understand your situation we give you a premium package for a custom price, but if you want faster results we can always talk about additional services like Ads, mobile marketing etc…”
  2. “This price is custom for your area, industry and your services. If someone quotes a tiered price for SEO then something is wrong. With SEO it’s all or nothing.”


“I just want my phone to ring, how are you going to make that happen?”

  1. Is your website helping convert browsers into customers? What does it look like on your phone?
  2. Let’s get you moving up the ranks of Google, let’s set up an Ads campaign, if you want your phone to ring, we can make it happen.


“I’m going to be paying you all this money, I’ve done it before with other companies and haven’t seen any results, what are you going to do for me?  (in terms of SEO)”

  1. We are Local SEO Specialists. We understand your industry, the keywords people are searching for, how Google sees local service businesses.  We are going to give you the best shot at ranking.  We are a small company too, so we don't hide from you.


“I want to rank in City A, B and C.  How do we do that?”

  1. Google will only rank you organically where you have a physical address. If you want to target multiple service areas, cities or zip codes, we can get very specific with Ads.  Google’s ads can be highly targeted and very effective.