All PBNs should have this plugin installed and activated. If the PBN has the old All-In-One SEO Pack plugin installed then make sure you deactivate and delete it. This new Yoast SEO plugin will replace it.

Then all the following settings should be set:

1. On the left sidebar click on SEO > Titles & Metas

2. Then click the Taxonomies tab > under Categories put a check next to: noindex, follow

3. under Tags put a check next to: noindex, follow  > Click Save Changes

4. Click on the Other tab > under Author Archives put a check next to: noindex, follow > Click Save Changes

Now go to Home page and do the following for each Post that is on the Home page (only the posts that appear on the Home page).

1. Edit the Post

2. Scroll Down to the section: WordPress SEO by Yoast

3. Click on the Advanced Tab

4. In the field labeled Canonical URL copy and paste the url of the site (the Home page)

5. Repeat for ALL posts on the Home page.