Membership Website Cheat Sheet


How to Sign Someone Up Over the Phone


  1. Collect credit card, email, username and password.
  2. Go to Order page and complete the transaction for them.
  3. Tell the client they will get a receipt email and confirmation email with their logins within 30 minutes. They may need to check their spam.


How to Cancel Someone


  1. First tell them they can login and click the “Profile” link and cancel themselves.
  2. If they want us to do it. Find out if they paid with Credit Card or Paypal. If credit card, you will have to Login to > Customers > click on specific customer > scroll to bottom and click Delete Customer button
  3. Or if they have Paypal, tell them they have to login to their Paypal account and cancel it themselves. They may have to call Paypal customer support if they don’t know how. We don’t support Paypal.
  4. Then login to correct Membership site > Users > manually delete specific user.



How to Refund Someone


  1. We ONLY refund for billing mistakes. We do NOT refund for product satisfaction, because they forgot about it, didn’t work for them, didn’t understand, etc.
  2. If they paid by Credit Card, log into > Payments > click on $ amount > click Refund button
  3. If they paid by Paypal, sent an email to Molly to issue refund for specific client and amount.


How to Handle Customer Support


  1. All customer support and specific questions about videos, info, etc. is handled by email ONLY. Send them to [email protected]. Tell them Joe will respond by email or create a video to answer the question.
  2. We do not offer phone support, free consultations or help them with unique issues. Tell them that is part of the Done-For-You services. You can try to upsell them or send them to [email protected].