Screenflow Reset and clear cache

Reset Preferences and clear cache in ScreenFlow:

Part 1:

Delete ScreenFlow Cache:
1) Make sure ScreenFlow is not open. (save any work in progress)
2) Open a new Finder window.
3) Select the “GO” menu top of screen, Hold “Option” key with menu open, and select the “Library” that appears.
4) In the Library folder open Caches folder.
5) Delete ALL folders that start with “net.telestream.screenflow(4/5/6)”
6) Empty trash.

Part 2:

Reset ScreenFlow Preferences:
1) Make sure ScreenFlow is not open.
2) Open Terminal and copy and paste this command and press Enter:To open “Terminal” (Finder > Applications > Utilities > Terminal).
defaults delete net.telestream.screenflow7

Restart your machine, and make a test recording to see what happens