Screenflow How-to

Need lots of light coming from the front. Turn on the fluorescence.

1. Open Screenflow > New Recording with these settings:

Check – Record Deskto from: iMac
Check Record Video from Logitech BRIO
Record Audio from: H4

2. Make sure the H4 microphone is connected and turned on.
3. Set up the H4 microphone with small wheel on right side with <---> arrows below it.
4. On the screen select AUDIO I/F > FREQUENCY 48kHz > CONNECT > FORMAT CARD “No”
5. Create a short test video with talking by clicking on the red button on the settings screen.

6. Stop the recording by clicking the little camera at the very top right and click “Stop Record”

7. Then watch/listen to it. Sometimes the first take will have sound with double speed and sound like a cartoon. Test again and if it works move ahead.

8. Turn up the sound > Click the pane at the bottom with the actual video not the screencast. It should turn the border yellow.

9. Click on the little speaker icon in top right > slide volume to max 190%

10. Turn up light > Click on the little video play icon in the top right > Click on Color Controls drop down and slide the Brightness up 20% or so.

11. Play with the face, and screencast sizing as necessary

12. Cut out video/sound you dont want by highlight the pane section by clicking and holding Shift and moving the little play marker > it will highlight that section purple > Click Edit > Ripple delete to remove that section

13. Add Music, Intro Logos and Endscreens from Drive > Marketing > Video Resources

14. Save the screenflow file often

15. When it is ready File > Export at highest quality mp4