Clickfunnels How To Create Checkout Page for Book

1. Click on Funnel / Settings > Clone Funnel
2. Rename to [industry] Book Purchase
3. Rename Funnel Step > Order Form to [industry] Order Form
4. Make Needed Design Changes
3. Set Thank you page URL: Click Settings at the top > General > On Submit Go To > Save
4. Click on Products Tab > + Add Products > Open up another window and get the products from cloned funnel and copy products exact including Payment Options and Product Details and Fulfillment Email
5. Also change the FOLLOW-UP Actions under Product to Add to list and Tag BWM Opt-in and Tag [Industry]. You will need to create the Tag in Active Campaign first. (Contacts, Manage Tags, Add Tags)
6. Open up Zapier and Copy Zap then rename it.
7. Click to edit the Zap > Click on the Trigger > Click on Edit Options
8. Change the Funnel Step to the new Order Form and Change the Funnel to new funnel
9. Make sure the new Zap is active.