Clickfunnels Checklist & Troubleshooting

_____ Clickfunnels > Settings > General > ON Submit Go to > url for Thank You page

_____ Clickfunnels > submit button > Set Action > Submit Order / Submit Form

_____ Is there a subdomain? It may need to be deleted and re-added: Account Settings > Domains. When changes are made to funnel the Preview works, but the subdomain does not.

_____ Make sure to update SEO settings for better Relevance Score

_____ Make sure you have Privacy Policy

_____ Make sure phone numbers are tapable call links –  tel:###-###-####

_____ Make sure Pixel(s) installed


1. Check and recheck in Zapier that is it is the Correct Funnel and Funnel Step
2. Check that the Clickfunnels submit button Set Action is ON Submit NOT url – the url will be set in Settings > General