Why your ads might not be getting results

Five Google Ads Mistakes that Ruin Results


There’s a lot of mechanics and features in Google Ads that are at your disposal to improve performance, but have you made sure your ads are set up correctly? In the right area? Is the service even right for ads?


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00:37 Reason 1: Small Service Area – The first thing we see people do wrong is not setting up a large enough service area. We need a bigger area to make sure we get enough searches coming to get clicks and get calls. You want to include the highest population possible that your daily budget can support.

02:12 Reason 2: Small Daily Budget – The second thing is not having a high enough daily budget. If your daily budget is too low you will not get results, but still waste that money. Keep your budget high at 5 times your average per click (use the Google Keyword Planner Tool to get this average price)

04:17 Reason 3: Not Answering Every Call – Clicks and calls are very expensive. If you let even one or two per day go to voicemail then you will waste a lot of money. We are able to see which calls are answered with our call tracking software.

07:45 Reason 4: Low Number of Searches – This commonly happens with services that share names with products. For example: a search for “pressure washers” more often than not will come from someone looking to buy a pressure washing machine as opposed to hiring someone to perform a pressure washing service. This means many clicks will be wasted. The solution is to change the Keyword to “pressure washing service” or “pressure washing companies”. This will significantly lower the number of searches, but will return clicks and calls that actually give you an ROI.

10:42 Reason 5: High-end Services – There are generally two different types of people searching on Google. The people who are looking for a deal or quick solutions. These people click on Google Ads. The other type of searchers are looking to find the best of the best and want to research your website and read your Google reviews. These people are better suited for SEO not Google Ads.