Why you shouldn’t pause your ads

Why you or a client shouldn't pause your ads unless planned


Data keeps Google Ads running. If you pause your ads for one day, all the data you've built up goes stale. You have to then not only rebuild the data, but Google's trust in your ads. And while your ads have been paused, your competition had theirs live, getting quality leads and data.



00:00 Intro and recap from last video

00:49 Chelsea explains exactly what happens when you pause your Google Ads campaign in the first 30 days. The BIG reason NOT to do this is because it will cause the data Google has on your campaign to become stale. If your competitors have fresh data then Google will not only show their ads above yours, but will also charge you more per click. The more data Google has on your business over your competitors the more they will show your ad and the less they will charge you.

2:36 Pausing your campaign in the beginning stages can set you back a week or more and we don’t want you to waste your money.

04:20 Chelsea discusses solutions if we do have a set back. The KEY is to communicate with Chelsea every step of the way. That way she can determine the best settings. You will probably have to spend more money to get back to where you were before the campaign was paused.