What does SKAG mean?

Why "SKAG" is our primary Google Ads method


SKAG stand for "single keyword ad group."

  • It involves making an ad group for each high-volume targeted keyword to narrow down search results and create a higher chance of gaining quality leads.
  • Each SKAG keyword gets it's own relevant landing page.
  • When setting up your ad groups, you would only target the phrase match, exact match, and 'broad' phrase match (if applicable) of the keyword.
  • Example:
    • "carpet cleaning" (phrase match)
    • [carpet cleaning] (exact match)
    • +carpet +cleaning (broad phrase match)
  • Put low-volume keywords in a "catch all" ad group with the phrase match and exact match versions.
    • If a low-volume keyword is performing well (3+ clicks/week), make it it's own SKAG ad group.