Landing Page Requirements

Landing page requirements


What makes a good landing page? An appropriate landing page should never be a homepage or an already existing page on a client’s website. There are a lot of specifics about what makes a page appropriate for ads, which is why it’s important that we make our own landing pages for clients.


  • A short nav bar that navigates to different parts of the same page, or no nav at all: we don’t want a potential client clicking off the page, this decreases conversions. A lot of ads clients are “quick starters” that click the first thing they see and want something fast. If we tailor the landing pages to be as relevant as possible to the service that the person searched for,  they are more likely to hit the “call now” button and connect with our client.


  • Landing page relevancy: as said above, the landing pages need to be as relevant as possible to the service and the keyword. Not only does this make potential searchers more likely to call our client, but it increases keyword quality score, which then in turn makes Google see our ads as an asset. Google will then show our ads more often to quality leads.


  • A form: another option for a searcher to connect with the client. They can request estimates, service, or ask a question. Having multiple forms of contact increases quality score.


  • CTA (call to action):  many CTAs on the page also increases quality score. Always include a “call now” button at the top of the page, and a “tap to call now” button at the bottom of the page. When applicable, include the “tap to text” button. Our own CTA buttons allow us to use tracking numbers on the landing pages only.


  • A responsive/mobile-friendly page: a mobile-friendly landing page is great for quality scores as well as increasing conversions. When a page looks good on mobile and is easy to navigate, Google is more likely to show our ads. In most cases, a majority of traffic comes from mobile devices for all services.


  • Company information: if the landing page already has an “about us” section, any searchers that spend a bit of time on the landing page are more inclined to call because they have easy access to information about who they’re hiring. Include “about us” in the nav bar.


  • Reviews: it’s important to have reviews on the landing page. For most services, reviews are crucial for searchers when they’re deciding on company to call. Having reviews readily available to read on the landing page is convenient and recommended.


  • Photos: photos make the page more attractive and interesting to look at. If possible, use photos from the company to build trust with the searcher. Feel free to include captions below the photos.


  • Information about they keyword/service: include text about the service and potential benefits. This boosts quality score as well as lets searches know what they’re calling for.


  • A strong first impression:  it’s best to start out with a strong headline at the top of your page with a call to action. This is great for quality score and relevancy. Below the headline, or above, put the company’s logo for branding. You can include a by-line that includes the company’s name. (In example: The most thorough duct cleaning, camera proven! AirWiz, since 1998.)


  • It’s a landing page, not a website: too much information can make the page seem like the actual company website. We want to make it clear that this is a landing page. It should be a simple page with many CTAs and a small amount of company information. It should be clear the end result is to contact the company and this is not a page for research.


Examples of high converting landing pages: