How to write an ad

How to write ad copy


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Writing consistent but refreshing ad content is important for CTR as a well as making your client stand out from the competition. Great ad copy has the following basic traits:

  • Relevant to the keyword and service.
  • Interesting and engaging.
  • Strong buzz words.
  • Multiple calls to action. (CTA)
  • Includes small amount of company info that is helpful for the searcher. (Since 1989. Local owned. Family owned. The best guarantee in your area.)


The components of an ad


Here's a basic template of how an ad is written:



The headlines are the first thing the searcher is going to see. They need to be highly relevant, attention grabbing, include a CTA and an offer (when applicable.)


Headline 1: 

  • Has {Keyword:}. It's a keyword insertion. It helps boost the relevancy of your ad. So, when someone performs a search, and Google sees the opportunity to put in their exact search instead of your original first headline, it will do so.
    • Example: Headline 1 says {Keyword:Professional carpet cleaning.} Someone searches "carpet cleaning near me." Headline 1 in the ad will change to "Carpet cleaning near me."
  • [descriptor] - Professional, certified, etc. Gives some information about the service that increases trust. "Professional carpet cleaning." "Local air duct cleaning." "Certified plumbers near you."
  • [service] - put the exact keyword if possible and makes sense grammar-wise.

Headline 2:

  • An emotional grab or call to action, such as an offer.
    • Examples: Embarrassed by your carpets?
    • Impress guests today, call now
    • $99 for 2 rooms special.
    • Get your first hour free!
    • Call now for a free estimate.

Headline 3: 

  • Use whatever you did not use in headline 2. So if you used an emotion above, put in the CTA or offer. One of these headlines must include an offer.


Display Path

Always fill out the display path. It's another opportunity for keywords and upping the relevancy.

  • Section 1: full keyword, or one part of keyword.
  • Section 2: location or other part of keyword.
  • Examples:
    • carpetcleaning/florida
    • carpet / cleaning
    • carpetcleaning/nearme




The meat of your ad. Is super relevant, succinct, and tries to offer all the information it can to get that call.

Description 1:

  • Engaging intro. Is emotional, has a CTA, or asks a question.
  • Includes benefit and company name and keyword.
  • Examples:
    • Dirty carpets? Call MT Carpet Cleaning now! Get a deep clean today.
    • Impress guests with carpet cleaning from MT Carpet cleaning!
    • We understand. It's not just water  - it's your home. Professional water restoration.
    • Broken pipe or leaky faucet? Call MT Plumbing for same day plumbing services.

Description 2: 

  • Features, more benefits, and business info. Call to action or offer.
  • Examples:
    • Local, family owned since 1989. Choose local, choose MT Carpet Cleaning!
    • We handle all water damage restoration. Local owned. Call now to schedule.
    • Excellent customer service. Flexible scheduling. Local owned. Call to schedule now.


Another example


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