How to do keyword research

Google Ads Keyword Research


For new clients and current clients.

  1. For existing clients, perform the research in their account. For new clients, use the Big West Marketing ads account.
  2. Once in an account, go to tools (wrench icon) in the upper right hand corner and select “keyword planner” in the left hand column.
  3. Select “discover new keywords” and input the keyword you would like to target. Stay in the “start with keywords” tab.
  4. In the upper left, click “locations” and remove the current locations in there.
  5. Add the client’s locations.
  6. Now that you are set up to look at monthly searches for the desired service in the desired area, sort your keywords by “avg. monthly searches” by clicking the top of the “avg. monthly searches” column.
  7. There needs to be at least 300-500+ searches/mo total for relevant keywords.
  8. Note the “top of bid (high range)” price and the amount of competition in the other columns.
  9. If a client doesn’t have a lot of searches, relevant keywords, or the bids are extremely high, it’s probably not a good fit.