Call Rail – How To

Call Rail with Mike Mancini


How to set up a new CallRail company + number


First, start by creating a new company:


  • Fill in the company name and choose the correct time zone.
  • Do not add any users.


Select "create a new tracking number."


  • Select option: website, search ads, more.
  • Select "somewhere else."
  • Select "yes, in an ad extension."
  • Select "on desktop and mobile devices."
  • Name: the same as the business, or the business name + service. (Example: Big West - Marketing)
  • Forward it to main business number unless told otherwise.
  • Choose one of the free numbers.
  • Check bottom option "this call will be recorded for quality assurance."
  • Create number.

After you create your number, add it to the client's landing page text info.


Refer to "How to create logins for a client" for how to set up client as a new user for that company and number.