Extensions For Google Ads- types and when to use

What extensions to use and when


Extensions help boost up any ad. They increase quality score, optimization score, CTR, and take up a lot of space on the first page of Google. There's only so many applicable extensions to use, however. Most campaigns will have the same 2-3 extensions, but there are many others that can be used for different campaigns.

Each extension should be personalized to the campaign and/or ad group. This might mean making multiple of the same extension, but in different ad groups. Just to make sure that the ad is as relevant as possible when it shows on Google.

Call Extension

ALWAYS use a call extension! And if applicable, make sure it's the tracking number. This extension shows up on the ad and if someone clicks it on mobile, will call the business.


Callout Extension

Great for providing more detail about the business. Refer to "ads set up master docs" to find a list of call out extensions. Coming soon: personalized per service call out extensions lists.

Examples: Free estimates. Local owned. Fast Shipping. $99 for 3 rooms. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Since 1989. Spot treatment.


Structured Snippet Extension

Always great to include. They're snippets of text that tell the searcher something specific about your business, such as product tiers, styles, or services. We usually choose "service catalogue."


Sitelink Extensions

Increases CTR. Always make them link back to the appropriate landing page. Termite inspection = termite inspection landing page. Personalize them to the ad groups.


Promotion Extension

Works only for offers such as "$5 off" / "10% off" / "Up to $80 off." Can include "summer sale" or a different kind of sale in the promo because it's eye catching.


Price Extensions

Great when applicable. You need 3 prices minimum for this extension. It's a judgement call on whether showing prices is a good idea for the service. Some clients don't like it, so it's good to approve it first. You can advertise promotions through this to. Great for when a lot of "price" searches come in. Can to "from" or "up to" for price.


Message Extensions

Mobile only. If the client has a text message option, this one is great to increase interactions with the ad. Also provides a quick way to contact the business for the searcher.


Location Extensions

The only way to get a client's ads to show up in maps. Refer to the "Google Ads in Map Pack" wiki for more information. Address shows up in organic ad.