CallRail – How to create logins for a client

  1. Login
  2. Select Big West Marketing.
  3. Click the drop down in the upper right hand corner by “Big West Marketing.”
    1. (If you’re already in a client’s account, you can just go to “settings” at the top of the page and then locate all users.)
  4. Select Manage Account.
  5. Click All Users (on left).
  6. Create a new user.
  7. Select “Reporting.”
  8. Put the client’s first and last name and their preferred email.
  9. Select their company.
  10. Select “do not email. I will choose the password.”
  11. Make the password their first and last name, like so: “Firstlast!” / “Bigwest!”
  12. Copy password and login email to their landing page text section.
  13. Email login email and password to client. Tell them to sign in through “”
    1. If client has trouble logging in, go into their user account by selecting the gear icon next to their name in all users, and select  “edit user.”
    2. ‘Update’ the password to be the same as what you first set it as.
    3. Tell them to try again with the same login.