Budget, schedule, location – what’s best? Google Ads

How to help a client choose the best budget, schedule, and location when creating a new campaign


How to pitch a budget

  1. First, go to the keyword planner and type in the client's desired service + location to find targeted keyword ideas.
  2. Locate 4+ quality keywords to target.
  3. Determine the average price for the quality keywords.
  4. Budget should be, at minimum, 5x the average bid.
  5. If the number is quite high, ask the client how many calls they would like to get in a week and let them decide a budget based on bid price.


How to determine a schedule

For the first 30 days:

The schedule for the first 30 days should be as many days as possible when the client can answer the phone. The daily hours should also be appropriate for the service and allow for maximum calls during the day. In general, avoid "after hours" schedules that would allow for voicemail or missed calls. Those are, in most cases, wasted clicks.

So, ask the client: what times during the day are you able to answer the phone?

Ideally, the schedule would be 12 hours/day, in example: 8 am - 8pm. But the client should decide as they know when they're available during the day. If a client only offers a short time frame, encourage longer hours if possible.


After 30 days:

If needed for budget reasons, you can cut back on the schedule if appropriate. At the end of 30 days, you should have enough data to make an educated schedule change. Depending on the current schedule, you can cut back 2-3 days.

  • The days you choose should be the days with either the most traffic or the most quality leads.
  • Make sure the busiest hours are included.
  • If the client's budget is low, possibly suggest upping it to make the most out of those days.
  • Make sure your optimization score is as high as possible (refer to Google Ads Optimization Tips wiki for help if needed.)


How to choose an appropriate location

Location is a key component to a successful campaign. A client needs an appropriate search area to make sure enough traffic comes in.

  • Types of areas to target:
    • Counties, cities, zip codes, radius around address or city.
    • We do not target entire states.
  • Size of service area:
    • Population: Google provides ideas of what they think the population for the targeted area is.
      • Total sum of multiple areas, or one location, should be at least: 500k+
    • Keywords: average monthly search count for main keywords should total at least 200-300+ searches/mo.
  • General location requirements: at least 200-300+ average monthly searches.



Refer to wiki "is a client right for Google Ads?" for more information on whether to sign up a potential client.