Set Up Billing with 30 Day Discount

If a client goes live within 30 days, they receive a discount on their next payment.

  1. SEO Clients – They get the first month SEO free
    1. Setup recurring payments at full price for the length specified in their contract.  (This could be no end date or one year and then discounted.)
  2. Website Clients – The get $100 off the next monthly website payment
    1. Open the Website & Payment Information sheet to find the client’s PayPal Profile ID
    2. Search in PaylPal using the Profile ID and open the recurring payment profile.
    3. Take note of the next payment date (under billing terms)
    4. Click “Modify” and change the number of payment to 11 and click “continue” and “submit”
    5. Now select “View profile details” and then “suspend” and “suspend profile” to confirm.
    6. Now run the discounted payment as a one-time transaction
    7. Set a reminder for yourself in Asana to re-activate the billing profile after the next payment date (noted in step 3)