How to create Facebook Image or Video Ad for Retargeting

1. In Ads Account Campaign screen
2. Create > Campaign Name: Retarget [Service]
3. Objective: Traffic? or Conversions?
4. Ad Set Name: Video Retarget [Service + Offer]
5. Ad Name: Same
6. Save to Draft
7. Edit Ad Group > Daily Budget $5+ > Custom Audiences: type in the previously created audience to retarget > Locations: US for book > Edit Placements: Facebook and Instagram only > Uncheck everything except Facebook Newsfeed and Instagram Newsfeed
8. Edit Ad > Choose video or image and upload it > Leave the rest default > Publish
9. Primary Text: the is will appear above the video – Try to make it match the lander without using words like “make money” to pass FB spam filters > Publish

IMPORTANT: For Video ads use captions. After the upload click on Edit > Captions > Automatically generate > Review them and make edits.