Description of Services

Description of Services

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Web Design

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Website for SEO Clients


  • Unique content based keyword research
  • Stock Images (if they want to order special ones, we'll cover 5 and then they have to pay $5/each)
  • Mobile features - responsive site; tap-to-call and tap-to-text buttons;
  • On-site SEO (unique content, title tags, image alt tags, heading tags, keywords, schema)

Price Info:

  • $997 or $498.50 billed two weeks apart


Website Only


  • 10 pages of unique content (additional pages are $50/page)
  • Stock Images (if they want to order special ones, we'll cover 5 and then they have to pay $5/each)
  • Mobile features - responsive site; tap-to-call and tap-to-text buttons;
  • On-site SEO (unique content, title tags, image alt tags, heading tags, keywords, schema)

Price Info:

  • $1997 or $193/mo x 12 (payment plan includes hosting)


Website Re-Design


  • Compete redesign of old website
  • Offered to current clients only

• Price Info:

  • $997
  • SEO clients get free re-design after 18 months of continuous SEO




  • Website security updates (WordPress platform, theme and plugin updates)
  • 1 hour of website design updates

Pricing Info:

  • $27/month
  • Any work above the hour is $75/hr


Other Design Services

Microseal Website:

  • Microseal sites use the same template and we simply switch the business contact information.
  • Price: $497

Responsive Conversion:

  • If a current client has a separate mobile site, we can convert their site to responsive.
  • This includes adding the mobile tap-to-text and tap-to-call features.
  • Price: $297

Site Restoration:

  • We can restore a client's site has been removed from the server (due to non-payment or because they moved hosting).
  • Price: $99

Craigslist Ad:

  • Templates in design folder
  • Price: $147


SEO Yoda

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a broad and complicated topic. Here we're going to briefly explain how we approach SEO.

Quick Pricing Guidelines:

  • SEO starts at $397/month
    • This is depending on industry and location.
    • This includes website hosting, if applicable


When you search for something in Google (ex: Carpet Cleaning Missoula MT), there are three main sections that show up: Google Ads, Maps and Organic (see below).


Our clients are aiming to ranking in the Maps Section (many people call the companies that rank in this area), and our process includes three main steps (they vary in time and complexity depending on the client's situation):

#1 Foundation

  • We begin by building a solid foundation of trust signals including:
    • On site optimization: Unique and informative content, title tags, structured data, etc.
    • Ensuring the business Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP) are consistent in directories (Yelp, Facebook, Yellowpages, etc) across the internet. The actual listing for their business is called a citation.

#2 Authority

  • Links:
    • We have established a link building process that focuses on Quality rather than Quantity. They will receive links (aka backlinks) from industry related authority websites.
    • We implement SEO best practices to avoid Google penalties, ensuring that you have NO spammy links or over-optimization.

#3 Ongoing

  • Monthly audit of SEO progress and ranking reports.
  • Hosting and design changes to client's  website at no extra charge.
  • Monitoring of their site and making any necessary SEO related changes.
  • Stay abreast of Google’s ever-changing guidelines and algorithm updates, keeping them informed of as we go.
  • Continued management and building of backlinks.
  • Research and development of new opportunities to promote relevance and prominence for their business.


Some important pieces of information:

  • The client MUST have an address in the city where they want to rank in the maps section. For example, if their address is in Lolo they will not rank in the maps section for someone searching in Missoula. They may rank in the organic section, but it takes time.
  • A commercial address is best, but the client can use their residential address. However, they CANNOT use a virtual office or PO Box
  • There is no guarantee with SEO. Google updates their search algorithms and, depending on what situation the client comes to us with, there might be negative history or messy citations to overcome. Therefore, we can't say for sure how long it will take to rank (we give an estimate of time - 4-6 months, for example).

There is a lot that goes into SEO, so don't feel like you need to know everything. We'll teach you more along the way!

Google Ads

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Google Ads Package

• We've partnered with Mike Mancini (Mancini Digital) who will set-up the client's Google Ads campaign and provide ad optimization and maintenance.


General Ads FYI:

• PPC, Pay-Per-Click, Adwords, Google Ads, Sponsored Ads - They're all the same thing!
• The client can start and stop their campaign as needed.

For a more thorough description, check out the PDF!

Easy 5 Star:

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The Easy 5 Star App

  • The app allows clients to send a text message to their customers to ask for a review. The customer sees a screen that asks them to rate the service 1-5 stars. If they pick stars 1-4, they will be directed to a form asking for feedback. If they pick 5 star service, they will be directed to a page where they can choose to leave a Facebook or Google review.
  • The app does not generate reviews or require users to leave a review
  • Sending a text to a customer does not guarantee that they will leave a review


  • Link for full-price sign-up:
  • All existing SEO clients and All new Premium Website clients can get the App for $29/mo the $297 setup fee is waived. They MUST sign up through the link:
  • If someone calls in just wants the Easy 5 Star App or An Old Existing Client wants the App then tell them we have a Half-Price Special and they can go here: (you get $50 Bonus if they buy it)


  • If someone has questions about the app, have them email: [email protected] for assistance
  • We're doing some of the set-up in house and some is done by Read Mobile Marketing, but this is going to change soon!