Catalyst Cheat Sheet

Upload Images for Header, Background and Navbar
Catalyst > Dynamik > Image Uploader

Set Website Widths
Catalyst > Dynamik Options > Widths NOTE: The total website width (content + sidebars) should match the width of the header.jpg

Set Website Background Image and/or Color:
Catalyst > Dynamik > Body > Body Background

Change Color On Estimate Form:
Catalyst > Dynamik > Widgets > Catalyst Widget Background

Navbar Page Spacing:
Catalyst > Dynamik > Navbar 1 > Individual Page Margins/Padding > Lft/Rt

Set Wrap Border:
Catalyst > Dynamik > Wrap > Wrap Border

Change Widths of Content and Sidebar(s):
Catalyst > Dynamik > Widths

Set Nivo Slider Dimensions:
Nivo Slider > Home Slider
Catalyst > Dynamik > EZ > Homepage Slider > (Set Height)

Add Nivo Slider
Nivo Slider > Home Slider > copy the shortcode
Appearance > Widgets > EZ Home Slider > add a Text box then paste in the short code

To Activate Custom WordPress Menus
Catalyst > Core Options > Navbars > Navbar 1 Type > Change from Default to Custom (Same for Navbar 2)

To Change Sidebar Location
Catalyst > Core Options > Content > Default Site Layout > Left Sidebar

To Change The Color Of The Free Estimate Box
Catalyst > Dynamik Options > Widgets > Catalyst Widget Background > Click on the color and it will bring up a color select box.

To Add/Remove Site Drop Shadow
Catalyst > Dynamik Options > Wrap > Wrap Box Shadow > Enable Box Shadow (Check Box)